TEXAS HOLD EM POKERTEXAS HOLD EM POKER ! People who are playing hold em poker are not necessarily descended from Gods. This game is actually pretty much like the TEXAS HOLD EM POKER, and also different. In this poker game, only the high cards, including the ace, ten, jack, king, and queen, will be dealt from a deck of 20 cards. This particularly makes for a royal deck. Due to the smaller deck, the game is consists of six players maximum. The standard limit format that is applied in this game, in which the players will be dealt two hole cards in order to attempt in having to structure the absolute hand together with five community cards. The values of hand are being ranked the same as in the more standard variants of poker, but the only counted flush would be the royal one. There is no other flush, which has a value in the TEXAS HOLD EM POKER  and the standard pairs oddly count for nothing. Thereby, everyone will go after the royal flushes, full houses, four of a kind, two pair, and straights, in order to come up with the nuts. Good Luck on

Texas Hold EM Poker